The United States, China, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the European Union are some of the member countries of the international association that represents poultry.

The Netherlands city Noordwijk hosted the representatives from 24 countries and 55 different organizations that make up the International Poultry Council (IPC), in a new version of its 2018 First Semester Conference, held on April 24 – 26.

The international association was established in 2005, and Chile is one of its founding members. The IPC represents 78% of global poultry production, and its objectives are to enhance communication between the industries of different countries, be a spokesperson for the sector within international organizations, and cooperate in the development of the industry at the global level.

The Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association (ChileCarne A.G.) was once again present to represent Chilean producers at this important meeting and participated in work groups and general sessions. The main topics addressed on different days were: sustainability of the industry, animal welfare, and responsible use of antibiotics.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, Executive President of ChileCarne, emphasized the importance of these meetings to learn about global trends in animal production, and suggested possible scenarios for the near future. “The rise of the global population, coupled with the population’s increased income will lead to a significant rise in the demand for animal protein over the next 20 years. Our industry’s great challenge will be to satisfy this demand, while at the same time meeting the new sustainability requirements and standards required by the industry.”

The IPC’s 2018 Second Semester Conference will be held on September 15, 2018 in Nanjing, China.[:]