The auditors who pass the final evaluation will be part of the Official Registry, which will be available as of November 30 at

November 3 marked the conclusion of the synchronous online training that covered the elements of the standard, providing the technical knowledge needed by professionals and technicians previously certified by the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change (ASCC) to audit poultry producers that want to join the Chile Conscious Origin program (ChOC).

During the six sessions, more than 20 professionals and technicians with experience in poultry farming and clean production auditing were trained to join the Poultry Protocol Auditors Registry. The synchronous training, led by ChileCarne and the training company VMG Capacita, was conducted online during six 4-hour sessions from October 24 to November 3.

“Auditors play a key role in Chile Conscious Origin, since they are the ones who must verify compliance with the requirements of the poultry standard’s clean production agreement (APL in Spanish) to determine if a company can be certified as sustainable. This is why ChileCarne is leading these trainings, to guarantee our members, neighboring communities, end customers, and all our strategic partners that we have highly trained professionals for such an important audit and that our member companies meet all the requirements of the highest sustainability standards,” commented Daniela Álvarez, Sustainability Manager of ChileCarne.

The training covered subjects such as the foundations of ChOC; the APL certification scheme; the basics of the poultry production industry; the fundamentals of Chilean legislation, and details on the components of each standard, such as odor management, water use, chemical handling, community engagement, biodiversity management, gender equality, carbon footprint, and due diligence.

It should be noted that all the participants of this training who want to be part of the official Poultry Protocol Auditors Registry had to meet various prerequisites, such as holding a professional or technical degree with a 10-semester curriculum; having conducted at least four audits; having experience in auditing any of the clean production aspects detailed by the ChOC program, as well as auditing poultry farms.

All auditors who are already on ASCC’s Official Registry that successfully complete the training and pass the final evaluation will be part of the Poultry Protocol Official Auditors Registry, which will be available as of November 30 at