In a ceremony held in Santiago, Imelsa Energía presented its 100% Renewable Certification to Coexca’s subsidiaries Balanceados Coexca and TAK. Jorge Bravo, Plant Manager of the latter, accepted the documents on behalf of both companies from the General Manager, Rodrigo Moya.

TAK and Balanceados Coexca were awarded Imelsa Energía’s 100% Renewable Certification, which guarantees that their industrial plants are exclusively powered by renewable sources.

The ceremony was held in Santiago, Chile, and was attended by executives from the energy supplier and from 55 certified companies from sectors such as transportation, agribusiness, mining, hospitality, and retail.

Jorge Bravo, Head of TAK’s Processing Plant, received the document on behalf of Coexca from Imelsa’s General Manager, Rodrigo Moya.

In his acceptance speech, Bravo stated it is a source of pride for the company members, demonstrating their strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. He noted that this certification complements other initiatives, including the renewal of the ISO 50001:2018 certification for energy management systems, TAK’s awarding of the prestigious Sustainability Certificate from IFCO, a leader in reusable packaging containers, and the transition to recycled cardboard, which reduces the number of trees used for packaging production by approximately 44%. Additionally, the company’s main processing plant and the San Agustín del Arbolillo farm were certified under the environmental management system standard.

Imelsa Energía’s 100% Renewable Certification ceremony featured a keynote speech by renowned Chilean meteorologist Gianfranco Marcone on the climate and water crisis in Chile and the importance of carbon neutrality.