The famous Korean chef attended the ChilePork 2018 event in Asia. The slogan for the event was “Natural Quality”, referring to the high production standards and characteristics of Chilean pork.

Tony Oh, CEO of Tony’s Kitchen and Director of F&B Kitchen, who has also worked at Michelin star-winning Italian restaurant Savini, took part in ChilePork’s annual tour for 2018 when it reached Korea. At the event, he offered his impressions of Chilean pork and the campaign to position it in the Asian market.

How did you feel taking part in the ChilePork 2018 campaign?

As a local chef, I am dedicated to searching out ingredients and to Korean cuisine. Cooperating with ChilePork has opened up infinite possibilities in pursuit of this goal.  This event was a diplomatic opportunity between two countries that reveals the harmony between food and ingredients. It was even more gratifying to help to bring the ingredients from different cultures together in harmony.

What was the highlight of this event for you?

 I think that the highlight was when Chilean cuisine was used by local consumers and the people involved in importing the dishes and the cuisine of Chilean chefs. I think that was the moment when I could see and feel the culture of the two countries, over and above just enjoying the food.

 What do you think about events of this kind? Do they help to promote Chilean pork?

 Of course, Chilean pork is not an electronic product like a razor or a cellphone. This means that food is not used according to an economic logic or a simple need. I believe that it is a question of attracting a person through the presentation, flavor and hearing, motivating him or her to want to eat something. This Cooking Show was not just a visual advertising event using publicity material, it was also an audiovisual experience. Now the people who came will make this event go viral, they will talk about it and tell stories.

 What do you think makes Chilean pork different?

 Basically, I believe that the essence of pork is the same around the world. However, depending on the environment where it is produced (crops, soil, food, etc.), and how it is processed, consumers can test the authenticity of its origin. Chilean pork completely reflects Chilean culture and its environment. Its environment and skilled management result in Chilean pork having a very clean, tender flavor, which could be its greatest strength. Besides, the texture is incredible, and you can taste the intense, juicy flavor even after the meat has been cooked for a long time.[:]