The capital of the Maule Region will host what is called Chile’s largest winter festival, which for the first time will feature a barbecue cook-off organized by the Chilean Barbecue Association (ACA) and an area for children and young people called Comic Oink.


The countdown to the traditional Fiesta Costumbrista del Chancho is fast approaching. Its 2023 edition will take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 of August and, just like previous years, it will celebrate pork with recipes from 20 Chilean and international chefs.

The festival is organized by the Culture Corporation of the Municipality of Talca and Coexca’s Campo Noble brand and this year it will add some new features, such as the international barbecue cook-off and Comic Oink, an area for girls and boys.


Juan Carlos Díaz, mayor of Talca, said: “I invite our neighbors to join us this August 19 and 20 because we will have many new features, local and international artists, food, and lots of entertainment and fun activities. We expect to have a large turnout of neighbors from Talca, the Maule Region, and the entire country.” Regarding the economic significance of the festival for the city of Talca, the mayor stressed that “more than 300 entrepreneurs take part of the festival, but it also benefits local businesses, hotels, restaurants, and transportation. It helps us promote the city’s image while boosting our local economy.”


Guillermo García, general manager of Coexca, added that “since its creation, the pork festival has become a major event for the city, the Maule Region, and Chile, becoming a true celebration of our traditions. The event goes beyond the Municipality of Talca and Coexca, which has been part of the festival since its beginnings and is now an organizer through our Campo Noble brand. This festival belongs to the entire community, and year after year it pays homage to and enjoys one of the most deeply rooted traditions in our culture.” García added that “we are very proud of our partnership with the Municipality of Talca to promote this event, together with a number of sponsors, which has allowed us to transform this event into Chile’s largest winter festival.”


Visitors will not only be able to enjoy pork dishes in and around Talca’s main square, the Plaza de Armas. The festival will also feature a barbecue cook-off, local breweries, crafts, pastries, food trucks, butchers, eateries, activities for young people, an exhibition of toy collectors, strategy and skills games, and a large main stage at the intersection of 1 Poniente and 1 Sur streets.