During their visit to Chile from June 3 to 9, a delegation of U.S. soybean producers met with ChileCarne to strengthen commercial ties and explore potential collaborations in the production and export of agro-industrial products between the two countries.

Representatives of the United States soy industry had the opportunity to learn more about the Chilean white meat production and exports, thanks to a presentation from Simón Araya, ChileCarne’s Head of Strategic Projects attended also by Juan Carlos Domínguez, president of the association, and Rodrigo Castañón, business manager, who talked about the challenges faced by the Chilean meat industry.

The American delegation included representatives from the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, the Iowa Soybean Association, the Nebraska Soybean Board, the Kansas Soybean Commission, the U. S. Soybean Export Council, and Ritz AG Consulting, who expressed their interest and commitment to establishing robust relations with Chile in grain production.

The meeting addressed the challenges involved in relationships with communities surrounding industry facilities and the role of land-use planning in growing and expanding the Chilean white meat industry. The value proposition of the Chilean industry was also highlighted, based on its unique production model where companies control all of their processes, from production to marketing.

Another topic discussed was China’s key role as the driver of agricultural international trade, including meat and grains. Understanding how the Asian country operates is an opportunity to make better decisions and improve trade prospects.

The U.S. delegation expressed their interest in supporting Chile in its challenge to find animal feed alternatives and establish a robust partnership between both countries. This gesture of cooperation and collaboration demonstrates the existing opportunities to strengthen the Chilean white meat industry and promote its sustainable development.