The recent session of the Agricultural and Forestry Export Promotion Fund Council, chaired by the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Ignacia Fernández, brought together representatives from the private exporting sector, peasant family farming, and various public institutions in an effort to boost the sector’s exports.

The Council reviewed the Fund’s 2023 budget and the actions carried out under different instruments available to exporting companies. The Council also discussed potential actions for 2024, marking a clear path for the planning and implementation of future strategies.

“In a way, the meeting was a relaunch of the Council, which is the tool we have to discuss the government’s agricultural and forestry export promotion policy led by ProChile (the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau). Our intention is to strengthen this Council and transform it into a real space for the public and private sector to discuss and set the priorities of the Agriculture and Forestry Export Promotion Fund managed by ProChile as mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is a key tool for our agricultural policy and we want to strengthen its work by committing to holding at least three Council meetings a year. It’s not just about discussing the operation of the Fund, but also all the actions we carry out,” said Undersecretary Fernández.

The attendees agreed on the role of the Council and their desire to get more involved, collaborate, and look for ways to leverage funding that benefits the sector. Particular attention was given to the inclusion of small producers, acknowledging the need to provide them with access to information and resources to facilitate their exports.

The Fund’s Council, created by Supreme Decree No. 80 of September 5, 2014, plays a key role in proposing and deciding budget allocation. It also assesses the export promotion projects submitted to the Fund, ensuring an efficient and strategic resource allocation.

The latest Council meeting ended with a renewed focus and commitment to the growth and sustainability of the Chilean forestry and agricultural sector. Based on strategic planning and an inclusive approach, 2023 and 2024 are expected to bring significant progress in exports, benefiting both large companies and small producers.