According to data released by the Chilean Customs, exports of white meat from Chile increased by 28% during the first six months of this year compared to the same period of 2017 in value. Shipments reached 259,082 tons staff, equivalent to 479 million dollars.

In the case of pork, exports rose 20% in value and 14% by volume, reaching 165,052 staff tonnes, equivalent to 281 million dollars during the January-June period according to data from Customs from Chile and the main destinations were Japan (28%), South Korea (25%), China (17%) and Russia (16%).

Chicken meat also shows an increase in shipments, reaching 76,307 tons staff, equivalent to 153 million dollars, increasing by 18% in volume and 29% in value terms over the same period of 2017.

Exports of turkey meat increased by 122% in volume and 110% in value, reaching 17,732 staff tonnes equivalent to 44 million, recovering export levels of 2016, prior to the event of Avian Influenza Low pathogenicity in 2017.

The main target markets for poultry meat (chicken and turkey) were: USA. (37%), EU (32%), Mexico (11%) and China (11%).

Regarding the reasons behind this growth, Juan Carlos Dominguez, Executive Chairman of the Association of Meat Exporters (ChileCarne), explained that “Exports continue to be the growth engine industry. Companies have made a great effort to increase efficiency in their production processes and thus have a larger volume to meet current demand. “[:]