In a major contribution to the agricultural sector in the regions of O’Higgins, Metropolitan, and Valparaíso, thousands of farmers benefited from the distribution of biofertilizer by Agrosuper’s “Circular Economy Agricultural Program.”

The initiative responds to the challenges faced by small producers, who lack access to soil improvers due to the higher prices of biofertilizers, which limits their options to grow vegetable and fruit.

Agrosuper’s biofertilizer is a by-product of pig slurry treatment with high nutritional value that significantly contributes to crop yield. The program is the result of a collaboration between Agrosuper, Prodesal (a program from Chile’s Agricultural Development Institute) and various municipalities, which facilitates the distribution of the soil improver to residents of La Estrella and Las Cabras (O’Higgins); Melipilla and San Pedro (Metropolitan); and Casablanca (Valparaíso).

This collaboration has been instrumental to the success of the program, which for nine years has promoted local agricultural development. “Thanks to our partnership with Prodesal and the municipalities, we have been able to benefit small agricultural businesses for nine years. This is a source of happiness and motivation to keep contributing to the local development of the areas where we operate,” stated Agustín Villalobos, Head of Agrosuper’s Community Relations. In 2023 alone, 21,897 bags of 20 kg biofertilizer each were distributed, in addition to the direct delivery of 438 trucks of the bulk product, covering 8,730 square meters in total.

Gabriel Machuca, a resident of Las Cabras benefited by the program expressed his gratitude: “Thanks to this contribution from Agrosuper, I have seen for myself that us farmers can improve our soil, grow more efficient products, and also improve our family economy.”