The creative educational campaign has produced illustrations to communicate the basics of keeping clean and safe chicken coops effectively and accessibly.

With an enthusiastic reception across country, ChileCarne’s recent chicken coop biosecurity campaign has made a difference in promoting healthy and sustainable practices in backyard poultry production.

The focus of the campaign has been to raise awareness about the importance of adopting biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of avian diseases. Through illustrated posters, distributed as of the first week of February, the campaign has been spread far and wide across Chile, focusing on areas close to wetlands and industrial farms where the risk of pathogen transmission is particularly high.

The campaign is not only groundbreaking in how it communicates biosecurity concepts by using high-quality illustrations, but it also reflects the commitment of ChileCarne and its members to strengthening health and safety in the country’s poultry industry. The use of a visual and appealing medium to spread the message has proven to be an effective strategy, which has caught the attention of producers and made it easier to remember key information for the protection of flocks.

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