From May 6 to 8, 2024, Buenos Aires, Argentina, hosted the Annual Meeting of the International Poultry Council (IPC). The event brought together more than 160 distinguished professionals and leaders of the global poultry industry from 30 countries, who discussed key topics related to innovation, sustainability, and health.

For three days, the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires hosted various high-level activities and presentations. The opening day began with a workshop followed by a technical forum covering topics such as poultry genetics, biosecurity, and trade. Experts such as Gerard Levêque, Hendrix Genetics’ Animal Health Global Manager, and Mario Assayag, Aviagen’s Latin America Technical Support Manager, took part in the discussions, contributing their knowledge and expertise. The first evening ended with a welcome gathering that gave attendees a space to network.

The second day focused on general sessions that included presentations and panel discussions on animal health, food safety, and innovation in food and agriculture. Renowned experts such as Aidan Connolly from AgriTech Capital and Fernando Camargo from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) were some of the keynote speakers. The day concluded with the President’s Dinner, a formal event that celebrated and rewarded achievements within the industry.

On the final day, the conference continued with general sessions focused on sustainability and consumption. Experts such as Joao Campos de Seara and Pablo Giudice from Elanco shared their outlooks on the future of the poultry sector. A high-level panel closed the event, focusing on a discussion about how to position the poultry sector through innovation.

During the annual meeting, new technologies and practices were also introduced, not only to boost production but also to benefit the environment. There was also a focus on animal and human health, with sessions dedicated to “ONE Health: Protecting Humans, Animals, and the Planet” highlighting the increasing importance of a comprehensive approach in poultry production management.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, president of ChileCarne, explained that the IPC meeting was a space to discuss and reflect on the main challenges for the poultry sector today. “Given the increase in global animal protein demand, poultry producers are called upon to respond by balancing increased production with the responsible use of natural resources. High efficiency in feeding, as well as the prudent use of antibiotics, and the incorporation of new technologies to use solid manure as natural fertilizer, make this sector a key player in guaranteeing food supply for the population.”

With the participation of leaders and experts from around the world, Buenos Aires became the epicenter of poultry-related knowledge and innovation, providing the industry with a platform to discuss and exchange ideas on how to move towards a more innovative and sustainable future.

Specifically, the IPC committed to continue promoting sustainable initiatives in various areas. For example, promoting paperless events and encouraging sponsors to use recyclable and sustainable materials. Sponsorship packages range from displaying logos between sessions to speaking engagements during general sessions and social events.