The 2022 edition of this international event was held in Bordeaux, France, to bring together poultry industry representatives from various countries to share their experience and learn from leading experts on key issues for the sector.

The International Poultry Council’s (IPC) annual meeting –held from September 28 to 30– is an opportunity to attend working groups and exhibitions on sustainability, animal welfare, and responsible use of antibiotics in the poultry sector.

The Council is made up of trade associations, companies, and other stakeholders from the global poultry industry. IPC members account for more than 88% of global poultry production and 95% of its global trade.

Chile is a founding member of the association, which was founded in 2005 to strengthen communication between the industries of different countries, represent the sector at international organizations, and facilitate cooperation for the industry’s global growth.

ChileCarne was an active participant at the 2022 meeting. “Chilean poultry production is completely intertwined with global production. Today, we import products from different parts of the world, while our production is shipped to various corners of the planet. That is why it is vital to participate in instances like this, that bring together the global poultry industry to learn about –and contribute– new ideas and continue to develop an increasingly sustainable poultry industry that feeds the world with natural protein,” said Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne.

Some of the topics being covered at the IPC 2022 meeting are the global poultry outlook, the role of poultry in global food security; and the role of innovation in building a sustainable future for the poultry value chain.