The participation in this government strategy, which marks the first step in strengthening the Chilean food system, demonstrates the commitment of the white meat industry to promoting food security and sustainability.

The launch of the National Sovereignty Strategy for Food Security, “Together We Feed Chile,” was led by the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, together with the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Food Security and Sovereignty and National Director of ODEPA, Andrea García. They emphasized that this strategy represents the first step in strengthening the national food system and guaranteeing food security.

Giorgio Jackson, Minister of Social Development and Family, Nicolás Grau, Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism, and Antonia Orellana, Minister of Women and Gender Equality, were also present at the launch event, as well as representatives from trade associations such as ChileCarne, Asoex (the Exporters Association), Fedefruta (the Federation of Fruit Producers), and the National Agriculture Society (SNA).

The strategy, coordinated by the Office of Agricultural Research and Policy, ODEPA, includes ten concrete measures that seek to transform the foundation of the Chilean food system, making it more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive, both today and going forward. The government will guide actions and measures to meet this goal.

The food system has many assets to be strengthened, including productive and natural resources; biodiversity; agrifood and fishery marketing channels; human and sociocultural resources; healthy diets; and food safety and security.

ChileCarne’s participation in the National Sovereignty Strategy for Food Security demonstrates the commitment of the white meat industry to a sustainable and secure food system. This initiative is key to promoting sustainable growth, greater competitiveness in international markets and is a significant contribution to Chile’s food security and sovereignty.

Download the strategy at the following link (in Spanish).