Juan Carlos Domínguez, Executive President of the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association (ChileCarne), appeared on the CNN Chile television show Agenda Agrícola to talk about ChilePork, the successful campaign to promote Chilean pork abroad.

The interview highlighted Chile’s phyto- and zoosanitary conditions and the successes Chilean pork has had around the world.

“60% of the pork produced in Chile is exported and of that percentage, 70% is shipped to Asia,” Juan Carlos explained.

In regard to how Chilean pork differs from its competitors, he said that “the key to markets being open to us exporting to them is the pork’s sanitary condition. Chile is in a unique position and this year we expect to achieve a billion dollars in exports.”

“In the case of Chilean pork, we worked with the importers right from the start, on issues like genetics, the weight of the animal and the type of cut. Chilean producers traveled to the export markets to see what the clients wanted. Therefore, when the final consumer in Asia sits down to eat Chilean pork they are essentially consuming a local product.”

You can watch the full video here: