ChilePork, the recognized Chilean pork brand, carried out its successful annual tour of Asian markets in May, reaffirming its position as a leading supplier in international markets. Through exciting master classes led by renowned chefs, the brand showcased the assets of the Chilean pork industry and promoted the country as a reliable supplier of high quality pork.

With full participation by pork exporting member companies and ProChile, ChilePork held cooking master classes in South Korea and China, with the support of the Chilean embassies and Commercial and Agricultural Offices in both countries.

The tour was quite diverse, reflecting the various gastronomic preferences. The cooking classes held in Seoul and Shanghai accounted for the tastes and preferences of each country. In South Korea, where pork belly is very popular, the classes sought to explore the versatility of this cut. In China, chefs created delicious recipes using various cuts of pork, adapting them to the rich local gastronomy.

The cooking master classes featured executive chefs from prestigious restaurants and hotels in Seoul and Shanghai. In Seoul, the classes were also attended by the Chilean Ambassador to Korea, Mathias Francke, and the Commercial and Agricultural Attaché, José Miguel Sepúlveda. In China, participants included Ambassador Mauricio Hurtado and Francisca Rifo, Head of ProChile’s Commercial Office in Shanghai.

Ambassador Francke emphasized the importance of establishing long-term trade relations and a constant, reliable, and high-quality supply in order to guarantee food security. “This also has to do with the consumer, that they know that the pork is Chilean, that it has been coming from Chile for 20 years, that the possibility of eating Chilean pork in a restaurant is very high. And that it is a reliable, sustainable product that will one day reach the consumer’s table directly,” he stressed.

Renowned South Korean chef Scott Jeon captivated South Korean palates with dishes such as “Maekjeok Gui with Chilean pork belly” and “Sliced boiled pork jowl with sesame sauce.” Meanwhile, in China, chef Jacky Chan impressed attendees with preparations such as “Taiwanese pork buns,” “Pork stew with corn,” and “Pork knuckle with black truffle and glutinous rice.” These master classes sought to turn Chilean pork into a leading ingredient in local preparations, delighting the demanding palates of Asian consumers.

Francisca Rifo, Head of ProChile’s Commercial Office in Shanghai, expressed the importance of participating in these meetings: “Being able to participate in this in-person activity with Chilean exporting companies and ChilePork executives was very valuable, as it allows us to continue strengthening the Chilean pork sector in China, the market with the highest value and volume, which last year accounted for 45% of total pork exports. Showing the versatility, quality, and freshness of our pork to major Chinese buyers, through local recipes with a Chinese chef and KOL, makes this sector even more attractive, where Chile is a trusted supplier of food.”

See our video of the South Korea master class at the following link.