The master class led by renowned Chef Scott Jeon, a MasterChef Korea alum, was attended by 14 chefs from Seoul’s most reputed hotels and restaurants, Chilean diplomatic officials, and exporting company representatives.

With the idea that there is a piece of Chile behind every cut of pork belly in a Korean barbecue, representatives of the pork industry inaugurated a cooking master class to present the potential of Chilean products to South Korean importers.

The event was organized by the Chilean pork exporting industry, grouped under ChilePork, with the support of the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau (ProChile), and was held on June 20th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul to introduce delicious South Korean recipes featuring pork belly, collar, and jowl to 14 guest chefs.

The master class was led by Chef Scott Jeon, renowned in the culinary sector as first runner-up of MasterChef Korea’s third season and who currently owns five restaurant-cafes in Seoul.

“On this occasion, we wanted you to try tasty Korean recipes made with Chilean pork, while keeping in mind that there is a piece of Chile behind each cut you use in your dishes. We invite you to learn more about and choose Chilean pork because our country offers unique high-quality products made under high standards of health, food safety, and biosecurity, and produced by an industry truly committed to sustainability,” said Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChilePork.

During the evening, Chef Jeon made three local dishes featuring pork as the main ingredient with Chilean pork produced by ChilePork’s members: Agrosuper, AASA, Coexca, and Maxagro.

The first dish was braised pork belly with soy sauce and Korean garlic, as belly is the primary Chilean pork cut imported by South Korea. Then it was time for roasted pork jowl seasoned with Korean soybean paste. This cut is similar to rose meat and was seasoned with the traditional soybean paste. Lastly, the chef made sirloin with Korean spicy soy sauce, highlighting the flavor of this Chilean premium cut.

“South Koreans love barbecues, both for the food and the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones. Pork jowl and belly are the preferred cuts for barbecues, which is why these Chilean cuts have great potential in the South Korean market,” said Chef Jeon.

Every day around the world, 12 million people eat a serving of Chilean pork and 23 million glasses of Chilean wine are enjoyed by people everywhere.

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