Good news for the Chilean turkey market. The Customs Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Ni Yuefeng, announced that China will lift the alert against avian influenza which affected Chilean turkey producers for two years. The alert was raised due to an outbreak of “bird flu” detected in the Valparaíso region, as stated by the Chilean Minister for Agriculture, Antonio Walker.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne said that:

“We had to wait for over 18 months –after the World Organisation for Animal Health declared Chile free of avian influenza in June 2017– to resume turkey exports to China. This shows the importance of the work carried out by SAG [Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service] and the industry to keep Chile free of diseases that seriously affect our industry. Chile enjoys exceptional conditions for agricultural production that give us important competitive advantages in animal production. Nevertheless, it also requires major efforts by the public and private sectors to maintain conditions and protect the interests of all Chileans”.

Accordingly, Mr. Domínguez expects to make fast progress in resuming turkey meat exports to the Chinese market.
The announcement was made during the official visit of China’s Head of State. He also announced that Chile will be able to export shelled hazelnuts and apicultural products to China.

“When an agricultural product enters the Chinese market, there is an impressive growth in plantations, employment and export development for Chile”, said the Minister for Agriculture, Antonio Walker.

Chilean Ministry officials also reported that a memorandum of understanding for (paperless) electronic certification was discussed. Initially, this means that livestock products will no longer need physical certificates to enter China. In addition, requirements for shipping fresh fruit in cold storage were renewed.

Source: El Pulso

Periodista: Emiliano Carrizo[:]