The 2024 O’Higgins Region Exporter Meeting was a huge success. The event was organized by ProChile, the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau to celebrate its 50th anniversary, with funding from the O’Higgins Regional Government through the Innovation Fund for Regional Competitiveness.

The foreign trade summit started on April 22 with a presentation by ProChile’s General Director, Ignacio Fernández, who highlighted the contribution of exports to the region and talked about the business opportunities offered by the different international markets represented at the meeting.

“We want to boost the export potential of local businesses and SMEs, while diversifying the export mix and increasing the number of goods and services from O’Higgins. I’ve seen the high quality of local products and ProChile has the necessary programs and tools to lead the way and promote their introduction to new markets,” Fernández highlighted.

The international business matchmaking event included wine, meat, fresh fruit, mining services, nuts, and others. After nearly 130 meetings, the businesses produced during the 2024 O’Higgins Exporter Meeting were estimated at 1 million USD, representing a great opportunity for local businesses who introduced their products to importers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The meeting included numerous business networking activities and field visits that allowed importers from 12 markets to meet important counterparts and strengthen their business networks.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne was part of the opening day’s panel “Evolution of regional exports in the last 50 years.” He highlighted that 42% of Chile’s pork and poultry production comes from the O’Higgins region, directly contributing to local economic growth.