As part of a strategic partnership to strengthen the international position of Chilean food products, the Food Export Council and the Imagen de Chile Foundation met on July 18. The main goal of the meeting, which was also attended by ChileCarne, was to explore ways for the food exporting sector to build a robust and appealing image of the country and its products in international markets.

Rossana Dresdner, executive director of the Imagen de Chile Foundation, and Claudio Cilveti, president of the Food Export Council and general manager of Wines of Chile headed the meeting. They were joined by representatives from various sectors of the food industry, such as Iván Marambio and Ignacio Caballero, president and marketing director of the Chilean Exporters’ Association (Asoex); Melanie Whatmore, manager of the SalmonChile brand; Angélica Valenzuela, business director of Wines of Chile; Juan Carlos Domínguez and Pía Barros, president and head of Marketing and Research of ChileCarne; Guillermo Iturrieta, president of Exporlac, the dairy exporters’ trade association; and Héctor Bacigalupo, general manager of Sonapesca, the fishing trade association.

During the meeting, Juan Carlos Domínguez talked about the importance of building Chile’s country brand as a fundamental issue for the food industry. He underscored that “country of origin has become a central attribute for the perception of trust and quality that international consumers look for when buying food and animal proteins.”

The meeting was very fruitful, as Imagen de Chile shared the work it is doing to identify the attributes and the narrative that will be used to position Chile in international markets in the coming years. This information is key to build a distinctive and attractive identity that helps Chilean products successfully compete in an increasingly demanding global environment.

As a result of the meeting, the Export Council and Imagen de Chile agreed to sign a collaboration agreement to work together in building the Chile Brand and organize various positioning actions at the international level.