The renowned Japanese chef who was part of the ChilePork 2018 event in Asia, said that this opportunity allowed him to discover the versatility, flavors and characteristics that make Chilean pork unique.

 Executive Sous Chef of Tokyo’s Hotel Andaz and 2008 Michelin star winner Wataru Okawa was one of the stars of the event held by ChilePork in Japan in May. He said that he had been surprised by the high number of attendees, the form of the event and, of course, by the quality and versatility of Chilean pork.

How did it feel to take part in this ChilePork 2018 event and what was the highlight for you?

My work doesn’t usually involve me participating in this kind of activity so for me it was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed it. First of all, a lot of guests came and I was able to talk with people from different spheres who know the ChilePork brand.

What was your impression of the guests’ participation in the Cooking Show?

One of the things I noticed was that people were very interested in ChilePork and during the buffet I was able to talk with them and hear how they perceive the brand and the products. It showed something that we don’t have in our cuisine in Japan, so I noticed that those attending were interested. I’m also very interested in including what I learned in my own dishes. I think an event like this is very effective, as it isn’t common for people in the food industry to meet around a single ingredient.

Do you have a suggestion about the type of activity that ChilePork could organize next year?

Another event could demonstrate how to cook each part of the animal.

What do you think of Chilean pork and its preparations?

When I tried Chilean pork, I found it was of similar quality to the meat produced in Japan. Generally foreign meat is thought to be of lower quality than that produced locally and it is perceived as having a smell and characteristics that aren’t very positive. However, I think this is compatible with Japanese food and ingredients.

What characteristics of Chilean pork do you feel make it stand out?

I think there is no problem with the quality or versatility of Chilean pork. In terms of quality, a very good freezing technique is used, so you don’t notice any problems when you defrost it. In terms of versatility, I think that even combined with Japanese ingredients (like soy sauce or miso) it tastes really good and is tender on the palate.[:]